The biofuel debate – is cane or corn a viable energy source?

Fill my tank please, and check the oil and water.” “Cane or corn, M’am?” you may be asked, as your preferred choice of biofuel. Sound a bit strange, or even crazy? Not really, because this is the question petrol attendants at filling stations may be asking in the not too distant future. These crops provide ideal Read More

Review – Volvo S40 2.0D Powershift

Mindful consumption I just can’t get the Volvo S40 2.0D Powershift out of my mind. With most cars I drive, the bond is broken as soon as I give them back. But this particular car has stuck in my thoughts – for one particular reason: its fantastic fuel efficiency. It’s cool in a sexy nuclear Read More

Suzuki Swift Sport is launched

  Suzuki held a ‘box launch’ that contained everything that is quick and fast working – just like this little pocket rocket. The Suzuki Swift Sport is a tar burner that my motorhead son, Roy, would say is “a car to die for”! It builds on Suzuki’s proud motorsport heritage that has seen the Swift Read More