Biking brings with it the freedom of the open road – but it also raises the question of what to do about helmet hair!

A British website,, designed specifically for the biking community, has seen a number of female bikers try to come up with a solution for flat, shapeless hair, as a result of wearing a helmet.

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Helmet Hair photo

Whilst some of the advice given is rather drastic – shave your head for example – some valuable tips have been shared including for those with long hair, investing in a ponytail wrap called a ‘Wrapter’. One female biker who uses this claims to ride 800km on her bike and still be able to run her fingers through her hair afterwards.

A helmet is a vital piece of kit for the personal safety of every biker. However, helmet hair is an unattractive problem, especially for female bikers who want to arrive at the office or an event looking groomed and elegant, rather than like someone who just lost a fight with a hedge.

Invest in a ventilated helmet, as this will help minimise heat and moisture, which causes frizziness. Apply a light mist of hairspray and then put on a bandana before putting on your helmet to help keep hair in place. The real key to post-helmet hair is some extra maintenance at your destination.

Whilst the safety benefits of wearing a protective helmet always come before style when riding a motorcycle, here are some top tips on arriving at your destination looking fabulous.

Top tips for glamorous – and NOT helmet – hair:

  • Before you leave mist your hair with hairspray.
  • Put on a bandana or skull cap to keep your hairstyle in place – skull caps can be bought from most motorcycle supply shops
  • Use curling tongs to add extra volume before you put on the helmet.
  • Wrap your hair around sponge curlers before putting on your helmet. Be sure there is enough space between the curlers and your motorcycle helmet to avoid a tight fit.
  • Pack some essentials including travel straighteners or curling tongs, a brush or wide toothed comb and a small hairspray.
  • At your destination apply some dry shampoo to give your roots some body.
  • Braided updos are all the rage in celebrity circles, so opt for a Heidi crown plait or a French braid and either leave in or take out for natural waves.
  • If this all seems like a lot of trouble, you can always opt for a short style that you can simply run your fingers through.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding your bike – safety before style.


(Keepbritainbiking is a website from Devitt Insurance Services.)




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