Review – BMW X6 XDrive50i

The first time I heard about the BMW X6, I wasn’t impressed. I saw the pictures and was even less impressed. It looked quite impractical and rather gimmicky. Until I got to drive it and discovered what a lively and lovely car it is. SAV – Sports Activity Vehicle The BMW X6 has been termed Read More

Review: McCarthy launch Chery – the lowest priced car in SA

  Helene Griffiths attended the recent launch of the new Chery range, the QQ3, J5 and Tiggo, and was most impressed with the quality of these affordable vehicles. Chery range offers quality and affordability I am one hundred percent behind anyone trying to introduce affordable cars to South Africa, as long as these cars are Read More

Review – Chevy Spark wins “Best Value” vote from the ladies

The Chevrolet Spark, a firm favourite around the world since it was introduced in 1998, recently won the Best Value for Money category of the Associated Magazines’ Women Car of the Year competition. The Women’s Car of the Year competition was launched in July by Associated Magazines, via their popular Women on Wheels (WOW) supplement Read More

Citroen C3 review

  I’ve got a very strange passion for Citroens – not sure whether it stems from my late mom’s best friend’s Citroen or whether it was the French accent of the chap who handed over my very first Citroen test car. All I know is I love driving a Citroën and the C3 was no Read More

Help for helmet hair

  Biking brings with it the freedom of the open road – but it also raises the question of what to do about helmet hair! A British website,, designed specifically for the biking community, has seen a number of female bikers try to come up with a solution for flat, shapeless hair, as a Read More

The all-new Jaguar XJ

Being picked up at the George Airport in a brand new Jaguar XJ and chauffeur-driven to the launch venue certainly made me feel ever so grand. The last time such luxury was bestowed on me was in London at the beginning of this year after the Women’s World Car of the Year function as a Read More

Review – the new Kia Picanto: girls just wanna have fun!

I am positive our male colleagues felt a wee bit left out at the launch of the 2008 Kia Picanto. The presentation was all about a young girl sending an email to her boyfriend about the new Kia Picanto she is driving whilst on holiday in Cape Town… and the background music …….Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls just Read More

We review the much anticipated BMW 1 Series Coupé

  BMW 1 Series Coupé makes its local debut Question. What is compact, powerful, handles like a dream, has looks to die for and simply begs to be driven? Answer: BMW’s new 1 Series Coupé. The BMW 120d is for the fuel conscious The BMW Coupé line-up features three engine derivatives. For those who, amidst Read More

We review favourites from the Chrysler stable

Liana Reiners focuses on Chrysler cars – the brand with bling – and tests various models from this motor manufacturer available at local dealerships. Whether your focus is on family, image-building or performance, I’m willing to bet that Chrysler will have something that tickles your fancy. How could it not, considering that its line-up includes Read More

What’s happening with basic car insurance funding?

  A fuel-price levy is the best way to fund the government’s proposed introduction of compulsory basic insurance on motor vehicles, according to some analysts and stakeholders. However, the SA Insurance Association and Automobile Association are opposed to the premium being collected by way of a fuel levy. Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele confirmed recently that Read More